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Avoid Woke Business, Support Patriot Business

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Your Tool to Fight Woke-ism

Join millions of your fellow patriots and fight back against Woke Businesses

Imagine an entire country of like-minded consumers who only spend money at businesses that share their values.  The BreathEasy app is our tool to starve the Woke Beast of what it needs most: our dollars.

The BreathEasy App provides a fully searchable database of businesses near you that informs you if a business has earned your dollars.


The BreathEasy App is your tool to avoid woke businesses and celebrate Patriot Businesses

A Searchable Database of Nearby Businesses

Your tool to find the local goods and services you need and avoid giving your money to businesses that hate us.

Get a sortable list of nearby businesses with BreathEasy Scores!

Avoid Woke Businesses Automatically

A business that disrespects your rights deserves to lose you as a customer. BreathEasy provides you with a list of alternatives!

Never be forced to spend money at businesses that hates your values ever again.

Vote and Build the Parallel Economy

BreathEasy Scores come from votes from users just like you! Businesses can't buy their good scores, they must earn them!


Your votes build the Parallel Economy. Spread the Word!

Get Alerts about Patriots that Need Our Help!

Periodically, BreathEasy Alerts are sent to the network to support businesses suffering from government overreach.

There's more of us than them.  Support your local patriot busineses!


How the App Works

A Tool to Fight Woke Business

A Fully Searchable Database of Nearby Businesses

BreathEasy is your tool to find patriot businesses and avoid woke businesses. Simply enter your search term and a list of nearby businesses pops up.  You can sort this list either by their distance or their BreathEasy Score. 

And in case you were wondering, nearly every business on the planet has a BreathEasy Score!

And those BreathEasy Scores?  They range from 1 (worst) to 4 (best) and come from users just like you!  You can now vote on businesses you visit and contribute to their BreathEasy Score yourself! 

You can no longer be lied to by slick marketing that

slaps an American flag on their product to get your money.

The App

The Alternative Business List

Avoid Woke Businesses, Automatically

During the first lockdowns, so many of us complied because we simply didn't have a choice. 

Those days are over.  When you encounter a woke business and vote them down, BreathEasy automatically provides a list of Alternative Businesses with higher BreathEasy scores.

Never sacrifice your values just to live your life ever again

The BreathEasy Story


Inspired by the 2020 Lockdowns

During the first days of the lockdowns in 2020, I lived in Portland, Oregon.  Trust me when I tell you there was no limit of the hell petty tyrants will inflict on their very own customers with just an ounce of fake authority. When they 'required' I comply with their demands, I simply refused and got kicked out of more businesses that I care to count. 

But I discovered something

Not all businesses forced me to comply with the city's illegal mandates. I was free to walk around these other shops without the mandated slave muzzle.  When I discovered this, I felt like I had discovered secret patriot businesses operating in the heart of Leftist Tyranny. They were like the Speak Easies of the Prohibition Era.  I called them "BreathEasies"

Over the space of a couple months, I had cultivated a small network of free businesses that allowed me to live my life without complying with illegal mandates. Because I had created this network of patriot businesses for myself, I was the most free man in Portland.

And now you have the same ability to live your life free of illegal mandates.  The BreathEasy App allows you to create your own network of Patriot Businesses and spread the word to the entire globe about what you find.

Join me, and together we will build the Parallel Economy, one BreathEasy vote at a time!


Notes from BreathEasy Users

"I can't believe nobody's thought of this before!  I love it!

Doug R.

"As a business owner, I am 100% on board with this! Thanks for supporting small business, Rob!

Tim H. BirdJet

I voted a business down and I couldn't believe it, the app provided a Patriot Business less than 5 miles away. 

Matt B.


Stay up to date on our fight against woke-ism around the world and get a free 1-month trial membership to
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