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Small Businesses Often Fail for One of 6 Reasons

You can avoid these pitfalls


A confusing mission statement that motivates no one


An operations strategy that amounts to organized chaos


Inefficient Marketing Efforts


The constant threat that you are going to run out of cash


A product offering that is not profitable or in demand as it could be


Disorganized financials that are more confusing than illuminating

These six issues are the root causes of most small business disasters. Coaching will help you professionalize your operation so your small business grows.

BreathEasy has one mission:

Help Your Trades Business Succeed

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Operations Optimization  |  One-On-One Coaching  |  Analysis
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Written specifically for the trades, The Tradesman's MBA is the perfect guide for any tradesman who wants to start or operate a business but might be a little overwhelmed or intimidated by all the business mumbo-jumbo.


From business formation, through accounting and on to operations, this book covers all the essential topics you need to know using real-world examples and plain language to succeed in your new small business.


Order your copy today and start your journey towards success.

The Tradesman's MBA

Ships July 15th



Plumber and Customer

Richard A.
Denver, CO

Bring a highlighter, a pen and paper, and get ready to dog-ear A LOT of pages!

Repairing Air Conditioner

John M.
Orlando, FL

If you’re in the trades, and you’re even mildly entertaining the idea of starting a business, it’s invaluable.

Electrical Wiring

Jacksonville, FL

After just the first chapter, I felt like I had a much firmer grasp on where my business was going and how I was going to take it there.


Paul O.
Jacksonville, FL

It's LIke Blocking and Tackling for Business!

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The Tradesman's MBA
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