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Your Tool to Report Voter Fraud

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Report Voter Fraud!

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Your Tool to Fight Voter Fraud

Join millions of your fellow citizens and fight Voter Fraud!

The BreathEasy app is your tool to report any problems you observe on election day at polling locations across the country.  Quickly and easily report the fraud you witness and get that information to voter integrity groups!

How It Works

The App
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The BreathEasy app allows citizen patriots to report fraud or other problems that they observe at any polling location across the country.

In the event you observe problems with Poll Workers, Voting Machines or even the polling location itself, simply hit the thumbs down button and select your location from the list that appears.

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You can even tag to your vote to tell Voter Integrity Groups what specific problems you observed!

And don't forget to provide evidence with your vote!  The BreathEasy Voter Integrity app allows you to take pictures of the fraud as it is happening and attach it to your report!

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