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The Patriots Tool for Boycotts and Buycotts

What is BreathEasy?

Imagine a country where customers bought from businesses that they knew shared their values. Imagine a country where businesses knew they could fight back against illegal mandates because they had the coordinated and broad support of their fellow citizens.

BreathEasy is the Patriots Tool to

Fight Tyranny and Woke-ism

How it works:

BreathEasy is the free app that builds the patriot economy at the grass roots level. Users vote on businesses which gives them a BreathEasy score.

Did you find a business that respects your rights and shares your values?  Vote them up!

Did you find a business that hates your values and everything America stands for?  Vote them down!

Every vote you make contributes to the Patriot Economy.
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Voting a woke business down automatically provides you a list of patriot businesses nearby!

Yes, the database is searchable. So if you're unsure if your local business is woke or a patriot, you can search on the app and check its BreathEasy Score before you give them your hard earned money.
You never have to spend money at a business that hates you ever again.

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