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A Bit About Me


I kicked off my career in the US Navy where I honed my skills in the fascinating field of cryptology. After serving on active duty for about 10 years, I found myself in the heart of Washington DC working with a variety of government agencies, and a few years later, was the Assistant Special Agent in Charge for counterintelligence with NATO in the Mediterranean region. All told, my government stint spanned over two decades and took me to some very interesting vacation spots, from Central America to Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan.

After my government service, I ventured into the private sector, taking on the role of VP of Operations at Brandow Mining in Ghana. There, I put my experience in (*cough*) 'less developed' parts of the world to good use, employing common sense and strategic thinking to drive operational improvements that turned a struggling enterprise into a profitable one. This experience reinforced my faith in the power of strong leadership and a clear vision of success.

Then, during the
"COVID Years," I launched BreathEasy, whose first product was the BreathEasy App, a tool designed to support patriot businesses and resist illegal mandates. As much as an adventure as that was, I retired the app and shifted gears to respond to something I noticed during my time in corporate America:

While in the private sector, I noticed time and time again that small business owners were constantly overwhelmed, running from job to job and feeling a constant sense of anxiety about the financial health of their business. I saw them making mistakes and assumptions that I rarely saw in corporate America.  Why?

I soon realized their anxiety was due to a basic lack of knowledge of fundamental business concepts and best practices.  They were experts in their fields, but nobody ever taught them how to read a Balance Sheet or manage their inventory efficiently. 

When I shut down the BreathEasy App (the time had come), my new mission was to help the backbone of the American economy in a new way: to teach small business how to operate in a better and more efficient way, to help them chart a path towards success.  And thus The Tradesman's
MBA was born.

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I realized America's economic engine needs a no-nonsense guide that explains fundamental business concepts and techniques that Corporate America uses every day in a plain-language way. 

Our education system has failed us all. We were never taught fundamental business concepts to run businesses efficiently. As a result, small business owners are always in 'fire fighting' mode running from one emergency to the next.  And because of this, small business owners typically neglect the other important aspects of their business like accounting, project management and inventory management.

If my story resonates with you, then I'd love to work with you. Please reach out today to set up a free initial 30-minute call to see where BreathEasy can help your small business optimize.

Get Your Copy Today!

Written specifically for the trades, The Tradesman's MBA is the perfect guide for any tradesman who wants to start or operate a business but might be a little overwhelmed or intimidated by all the business mumbo-jumbo.


From business formation, through accounting and on to operations, this book covers all the essential topics you need to know using real-world examples and plain language.


Order your copy today and start your journey towards success.

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