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Find Patriot Businesses, Spread the Word, Live Your Life

The Free App That Builds the Patriot Economy One Vote At A Time

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The App, What it Does


Build the Patriot Economy with every vote you make. 

Your votes create BreathEasy Scores for businesses



Use the search function to search for goods and services and filter by their BreathEasy Score!



BreathEasy automatically provides alternatives so you will never again be forced to support Woke businesses.



BreathEasy isn't just to about patriot businesses.

Spread the word about your event or organization!


The App, How it Works

Have you found a business that respects your Liberty and Freedom? Take a stand against tyranny and spread the word about them! We call this a BUYCOTT.


Open the BreathEasy application on your phone while you're at the business and just hit the thumbs up button. That's all there is to it. Your vote builds the business's BreathEasy score and is now visible to other BreathEasy users nationwide.

And if a business insults your Rights, Liberty and Freedoms? You now have a tool to fight back.

Vote the business down with the thumbs down button. and tell the world to avoid that business. Pretty simple, right?

BreathEasy then immediately provides you a list of nearby BreathEasy Businesses within the same category. You can now patronize that BreathEasy business instead and avoid illegal mandates and insults to Liberty!


You are never again forced to comply with tyranny
just to live your life!


Get Seen by the Patriots Already Looking For You Today!

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