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The Patriot's Tool for Boycotts and Buycotts

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

Just like you, I was severely affected by the lockdowns.  We were all suddenly prohibited from living our lives in Freedom. Business owners lost everything.  I vowed that I would do what I could to never allow that to happen again.  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, you must be a Democrat!

I created BreathEasy as a tool to combat illegal mandates and curtailments on individual Freedom. I noticed that our rulers REQUIRED that businesses enforce their mandates. I also noticed some business owners refused to comply.


The BreathEasy app is meant to celebrate these patriot businesses and ensure they never have to close their doors ever again. The BreathEasy app creates an impenetrable bond between customers and business owners so that we ALL may ignore illegal mandates and fight woke-ism together.

Our network is growing every day and we are the front end of a movement that has never been seen before!


How does BreathEasy work?

BreathEasy users simply vote on businesses they visit and rate them on how well or how badly that business respects their rights and liberties.  It’s kind of like Yelp, but for Liberty.


How do BreathEasy Scores work?

BreathEasy scores range from 1 to 4.  1 is worst, 4 is best. 3 is typical.  

BreathEasy believes that every business should have an equal chance of being great. This means every business gets a score of 3.0. When a BreathEasy user visits a business, they vote on how well that business respects their individual rights.


As votes come in, these votes are averaged together to create a BreathEasy score.  If a business has a BreathEasy score of 3 or better, you can be assured they are with us in the fight.

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Can’t Our Enemies or my competitors game the system and force a business's score to go down?

Nope! We designed BreathEasy specifically to avoid this possibility!


We are at war. Therefore, voters must be physically present at a business to vote on it. If our enemies want to drive a patriot's BreathEasy score down, they’ll have to crawl out of their parents’ basement and physically go. As an additional safeguard against fraud, no user may vote on the same business on the same day.  I’m still playing with the idea of dyeing people’s finger purple…


But what happens if a user votes my business down maliciously?

Ahh! The power of averages is our friend here. We have two options:

1) We can simply delete the score itself and reset the score of ‘3’.  This is a nuclear option and to be used only in the most dire of circumstances because it wipes out all the GOOD votes as well.

2) We issue a BreathEasy Alert.  This is a free service to any advertiser and also done on a case-by-case basis for non-advertisers.  A BreathEasy Alert leverages the strength of the BreathEasy network by sending out a call of assistance to every BreathEasy user in the country (internationally, really).  If your business has been maliciously voted down, a BreathEasy alert invites BreathEasy users to visit your business and render new fresh scores and fight back against these Karens and Antifa assholes.


Is there a minimum score required to advertise?

Yes!  The minimum score is 2.8This means that any business advertising on the BreathEasy App is guaranteed to be a patriot business.

Does my BreathEasy Score affect my ability to advertise?

BreathEasy only allows patriot businesses to be advertisers on the app. When a user sees your ad on the BreathEasy app, they KNOW that your business shares their values of Freedom, Liberty and the Free Market. The minimum score to advertise on the BreathEasy app is 2.8.


I am an advertiser, what happens if my BreathEasy Score drops below 2.8?

The minimum score to advertise on BreathEasy is an easily attainable 2.8.  We do not put the threshold any higher than this because we fully recognize that many business owners may UNKNOWINGLY employ idiot Karens or Antifa part-timers.


So if a BreathEasy user happens to interact with one of these crappy employees, BreathEasy doesn’t see this as the fault of the business OWNER.  To date, we have NEVER seen this happen. 


Can BreathEasy Change Votes?



BreathEasy has NO ABILITY to change BreathEasy scores. The best we can do is to delete scores in the most drastic of situations.


What is a “BreathEasy Alert?”

Our power comes from unified action. One of those tools is the “BUYCOTT.”

A BUYCOTT is the opposite of a BOYCOTT.  As an advertiser with BreathEasy, you get to leverage the power of our network of BreathEasy users to help you in case you become the subject of a BOYCOTT by Antifa Karens or an over-reaching government trying to shut your business down. 

If either of these things happen, simply send an email to and I will send out an alert to the ENTIRE BreathEasy network to mobilize assistance to you in your time of need.  This assistance usually comes in the form of mass spending at your business by customers all across the nation to help you combat illegal mandates or stupid boycotts by busybody Karens.

This service is free to our advertisers. 

There will never be any charge to help patriot Businesses fight tyranny.


How long does my ad run?

Ads on the BreathEasy app run for 30 days and automatically renew on the 30th day.


Can I design my own ad graphic?

Of course! But you don’t have to. Your first month’s subscription includes free graphic design for both your banner ad and your business card listing.

If you DO want to do the design yourself, just make sure that dimensions are: 966x246 (banner ad) and 1017x570 (business card listing)


What is the radius for ABL listings?

The Alternative Business List is primarily intended to help LOCAL patriot businesses compete against LOCAL woke businesses in order to provide viable alternatives. Users should never have to sacrifice their values to live their lives or spend money at businesses that hate them. 


To ensure alternatives are relevant to users, BreathEasy automatically provides a list of alternative business up to 5 miles away.  As an advertiser, your listing will be listed first on the Alternative Business List, just like Google first page ranking.


What is the radius for Search Results?

BreathEasy is a tool intended to help the LOCAL business community. So, normally, to make sure that search results are relevant to the user, search results are limited to 25 miles away.  However, for advertisers who have opted for the National campaign, their business will appear in search results no matter how far away that business is. This is especially important for internet-based businesses.


How can I ensure my business appears in search results?

Your business will appear in search results when a user searches for your business name specifically, or when they search for the category that Google has you listed as (i.e. ‘coffee’ or ‘plumbing’ etc.). 

BreathEasy is currently working on adding the ability for advertisers to add in-app SEO.  Advertisers will have the option of adding key words to assist in getting their business found on BreathEasy. Sometimes, Google has categorized businesses very badly and we can’t help that. But! We can assist with FIXING this categorization on Google for a small one-time fee (coming soon!).

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