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BreathEasy Guiding Principles

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In 1920, an overreaching American federal government made criminals out of law-abiding citizens by outlawing the sale of alcohol.


In so doing, it created an underground (dare I say "parallel?") economy filled with normal people simply wanting to live their lives.


Secret bars called Speak Easies sprung up all over the country hidden behind secret doors and whispered codewords in defiance of this government over-reach where citizens could enjoy the fellowship of their friends and live their life as normally as possible.

The world is experiencing a very similar overreach now that attempts to squash the Human Spirit, but this time instituted through medical tyranny. 

But it ain't 1920 anymore. 


This time around, we are united in ways that our Roaring Twenties ancestors could only dream of. The BreathEasy tool takes us beyond secret knocks or hidden doorways.

​Just like the secret bars of the Prohibition Era, the BreathEasy app finds those special places of Freedom and Liberty and, above all, spreads the word about them. 


The BreathEasy app brings patriot businesses and consumers together to form a united front against tyranny and builds a parallel economy independent and impervious from an overreaching, tyrannical government.






BreathEasy has two key guiding principles:


1)  BreathEasy will starve the beast of any monetary support it currently enjoys. Therefore, BreathEasy refuses to advertise on Twitter, Facebook or any of the other technical monopolists that actively work against Liberty and Freedom. 

2) BreathEasy facilitates the creation of the parallel economy united in the common ideals of Freedom and Liberty. Therefore, BreathEasy will not knowingly accept any advertising from any business that does not support this mission. To be an advertiser on BreathEasy, a business must maintain an easily attained minimum score of 2.8 on a 5-point scale as scored by their own customers.

Let's Reclaim Our Nation,