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An Open Letter to the J6 POWs

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Dear Patriot,

Many years ago, the military taught me techniques to help me survive captivity as a POW. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever contemplate that I would later rely upon those skills to maintain my sanity in my own country. If the last couple years tells us anything, it appears the world is saying to all of us, “Hold my beer…”

Your incarceration now, during the second American Revolution, grants you the unofficial status of POW. Because of this, I want to take this opportunity to provide what help I can to help you survive your POW status and return home alive and with honor.

These techniques are not meant to argue your case to morons or to ‘tech your jailers a lesson.’ Instead, they are meant to do one thing and one thing only: carve out a small piece of control for yourself and expand your radius of freedom, even as a prisoner. Both of these things will assist you in keeping your spirits up and hope alive until such a time that we can get you freed. Now, if you’d like to learn how to do just that, please read on.

Rule #1: Your enemy is not your prison guard

Still Crazy, Not Your Enemy Anymore

Your enemy isn’t your jailer. Neither is Nancy Pelosi or that ignoramus in a mini-skirt, AOC. Your enemy is also not any of the other random communists or colluding and corrupt federal agencies whose actions caused you to be where you are for the moment. Your true enemy is hopelessness

Learn this. Your isolation starves you of the wins and good news that our Cause is achieving on a near-regular basis. How can you maintain your spirits if you are kept in the dark about the successes our Cause achieves and your actions demonstrate? We on the outside watch the news, scan social media or communicate with friends and neighbors to maintain our collective fiction that we are ‘in the know’ and informed. But your current situation doesn’t even allow that.

To this I say: Let your Patriot brothers and sisters handle these criminals from outside the prison for you. Trust that we, on the other side of your prison’s walls, are tirelessly working to obtain your freedom and bring the true criminals to justice; Winter is Coming. But for now, all we need from you is to survive your captivity. The only thing that can turn your temporary situation into a permanent one is if you allow hopelessness to convince you to do something that is irreversible. You have an entire country supporting you, the only problem is that you can’t see it from where you sit now. That doesn’t mean we aren’t here and things aren’t happening! Your trust will feed your spirit and keep hopelessness at bay.

Just as important: Be absolutely confident that what is happening to you now is temporary and will end. Once it is over, you will have the mother of all lawsuits on your hands with an army of Liberty-loving lawyers absolutely salivating to take your case. Kyle Rittenhouse just settled with The View for over $20 million for how those harpies slandered him. You situation will be no different. Your status as a POW of the Second American Revolution is illegal and temporary. The game now is to simply outlast your jailers to the finish line. Every day you stay in the fight is one more day you win. You are not forgotten.

Rule #2: Make your jailers work for your compliance

Stated another way, beating your ass to force your compliance takes physical effort on their part. Forcing your jailer to tire himself out to enforce his rules is a sneaky and counter-intuitive way to create more freedom for yourself.

Remember, people are lazy, and your jailers are no exception. You can turn that laziness to your advantage. Your jailers will always look for a way to make their own jobs easier or take less effort. They manhandle you out of your cell today in the hopes that you will comply immediately with their orders tomorrow.

They do this because the more compliant (hopeless) a prisoner that you are, the easier you are for them to manage. So instead of allowing them to train you into compliance using beatings and abuse, your goal should be to train them. It’s not hard to do, it just takes a little gumption.

Here’s how:

  • When they tell you to stand up, make it a challenge to yourself to be the last person to stand.

  • When they tell you to sit down, make it a challenge to yourself to be the last person to sit.

  • When they order you out of your cell, be slow to respond.

Every second you delay (and we are measuring in seconds) is one more second of freedom you carve out for yourself. THIS is how we measure success in a POW situation, and this is how we take control and create agency for ourselves. The POWs from the USS Pueblo capture in 1968 spoke extensively about how important it was to take even just a little bit of control from the North Koreans for themselves through these techniques.

Count the seconds until your captors come to beat you into compliance; keep score! Here’s the trick though: Once they come to beat you, test to see how much abuse you can absorb. And once you have absorbed as much as you can, you now have permission to comply. The contest is with yourself, not your jailer. Can you increase the seconds over time that it takes before they respond to your slow compliance? Every second that you quietly defy their orders is an extra second of freedom.

The point here is not to openly defy their orders and scream “NO!” to every demand they make. That is pointless resistance and only earns you a beating with no upside. Instead, the point is to force them to expend their own personal energy to force your compliance and tire them out. Over time, their natural inclination to be lazy will eventually override their desire to ‘do a good job’ and it will be at that moment that YOU will be in charge. Even as a prisoner, you will be in control and control equals sanity.

You are not forgotten.

Rule #3: Learn the power of saying ‘no’ to special favors

The Model Prisoner

Remember how your parents enticed you with ice cream to get you to eat your vegetables? Imagine the power you could wield as a 5-year-old if you told your parents that their ice cream didn’t interest you anymore. They would be utterly powerless to bribe you to eat your broccoli and would have to come up with some new way to control your actions. Your jailers are no different.

Your jailers’ power over you resides exclusively in their power to withhold comfort or inflict suffering. That’s it. If you can recognize these slim incentives for what they are, a means to obtain your compliance, you can find power in refusing them.

Generally speaking, a normal person will do almost anything to return to their previous state of safety and comfort when knocked outside of it. This can be a significant weakness in their ability resist and stay sane. They will be tempted to comply with any demand for just a whiff of their old normal life; a can of coke, a cigarette, a piece of candy, sunshine on their face. If a prisoner’s compliance can be bought so cheaply, this makes him a model prisoner.

But if you can undercut their ability to offer you positive incentives (such as a can of coke or a phone call with a loved one), they are left with ONLY negative incentives. But we’ve already discussed how you can handle those. And once you become adept at these techniques, you may even be able to bargain for your compliance.

  • “I would be happy to comply with your order, but I’m very thirsty, can you get me a coke?”

  • “I would be happy to accept your offer to speak with my lawyer, but only if the other POWs can speak with their lawyers”

Do you see now how, when applying these techniques together, you become incredibly powerful, even as a prisoner of war?

You are not forgotten.

Rule #4: Find Little Wins and Celebrate Them

Remember, you are fighting on a completely different battlefield than you have ever experienced before; You are fighting on the battlefield of hope. Your aim is to survive your captivity with honor. Your goal is not to simply score points against morons with single-digit IQs.

The way you capture ground on the battlefield of Hope is that you must find and celebrate the “Little Wins” you have during your resistance using the techniques above.

When you defy your jailers in little ways, these small acts certainly don’t win the war against the Globalist Deep State or buy your freedom. Remember, you are imprisoned for political reasons, not criminal ones. Being a good little prisoner will not buy your way out. So instead, you must resist and celebrate the Little Wins as you go to keep you from losing hope and keep your sanity.

So what do “Little Wins” look like? Simple: If a guard orders you to stand on the red spot on the floor, you will employ rule #2 above and stand literally anywhere but exactly where he tells you to stand. When you do this, in your mind, celebrate that act of defiance! For every second you are NOT on that red spot, you are winning. Over time, you make a point of moving farther and farther away from that red spot until you aren’t complying at all with their orders.

If a guard orders you to raise your hands above you head, maybe you raise your hands just up to your shoulders. For every second that your hands are NOT above your head, you are winning; celebrate that victory!

And, in all these examples if, by your non-compliance, you force your jailer to come over to you and physically force you into compliance, you are forcing them to expend their own energy and enforce their own rules (see rule 2). That is another win. Trust me, ‘pretty soon, you’re going to get tired of all that winning.’

The added benefit of these small acts of sanity-preserving defiance is that it forces your jailer to do his job, a job that he would much rather be easier. Remember, a hopeless prisoner is a compliant prisoner and that’s all he wants; for you to do what you’re told. If you are able to defy his orders, even a little bit, you force him to choose: “Do I enforce the order to the letter, or do I let it slide?” Force his natural laziness to make that decision for him.

This is the exact position you want to be in because by forcing him to make this choice, YOU are now in control, regardless of whether you have shackles on your wrists or not. YOU have forced him to make a choice and if he chooses the lazy route (they all eventually do), then you have just created MORE freedom for yourself than you would have had if you had simply complied mindlessly.

Trust me; you have MUCH more power than you realize.

You are not forgotten

Rule #5: Forgive Yourself

You are not forgotten

Patriot, if by some miracle you read this letter, you may be thinking to yourself,

These techniques are fine, but I’ve complied so much already that it would look weird if I started defying their orders now. It just won’t matter.”


This is false thinking. Our country is experiencing a new kind of Revolution, but it is a revolution, nonetheless. Your current/temporary situation is so far off the old map that the rules that we all grew up with simply do not apply to your situation. Embrace that knowledge. You are not a criminal in jail awaiting trial, no matter how they dress you up. You are a political prisoner held incommunicado by criminals attempting to hide their own crimes.

You are not just a prisoner. You are a Prisoner of War. Start acting like it. You have a duty to resist.

And when you falter in your resistance, and you will falter, you must forgive that temporary failure and renew your spirit of resistance.

Remember, you are playing the long game here and your job is to outlast your captor. You are running a marathon, not a sprint. Forgive your momentary compliance as necessary and move on. That’s old shit. In all cases for the rules outlined above, you have permission as a prisoner of war to comply when it is necessary to your survival or avoid severe bodily injury. Only you can judge where that line is and nobody has the right to second guess where your line is.

Yes, you may feel guilty for yielding to a demand by a mouth-breathing jailer. This is natural, this is normal. We all feel weak or intimidated from time to time. But I can speak for everyone with similar training that they will not think less of you for your temporary compliance. And those who have never been through this very intense training? They have no idea what you’re experiencing and are not qualified to comment; ignore them.

You are not forgotten

Patriot, it is my sincerest hope that this letter reaches you, or perhaps only its ideas. You are undergoing an unprecedented assault on your rights as a Free American. You are not alone in your torment nor is your plight forgotten. The Cause endures outside of your sight and we are experiencing significant wins, whether you hear about them or not. We can’t know how much longer the struggle will last, but the tide is turning in our favor. And as the tide washes away the flotsam and jetsam of the evil holding you now, you will be freed.

Remember, the techniques that I have given you above revolve around two central points:

  1. Resistance means never volunteering to comply with orders or rules. As a POW, the rules your captors lay down only exist insofar as they can be enforced. Ignore them at all other times. And

  2. Your status as a POW in the Second American Revolution is only temporary and will eventually end. You will be freed. This is reason enough to stay in the fight and outlast your captors. Our victory and your homecoming is awaiting us both.

Good Luck


R. Altomare

Founder, BreathEasy

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