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BLM and MAGA Find Common Cause?

There is nothing more dangerous to illegitimate power than when the groups you yourself have defined, amplified and set against each other begin to coalesce against you. While the event occurred in January of this year, its importance can’t be overstated.

In case you didn’t hear about it, and I’m 100% certain that you didn’t hear about it given the state of journalism in the 21st century, let me give you the Cliff’s Notes. NY representative Linda Rosenthal introduced a bill to mandate the injection. What did her action cause? Nothing more than a joint protest of MAGA and Black Lives Matter groups. It is not confirmed whether the joint protest was coordinated between the two groups or whether they coincidentally and spontaneously came to the same conclusion: Medical tyranny must be called out and eradicated, publicly.

The newsworthy part here is that both MAGA and BLM found common cause in Rosenthal’s actions. How stupid do you have to be to find the one cause to champion that turns your trusted and reliable dirtbag brownshirts into allies of your sworn enemy? Custer himself couldn’t have done worse at Little Big Horn.

How was this not bigger news at the time, even in the alternative media?

I wonder if even those dirtbag brownshirts are starting to get a clue now about how they are being used by our (mutual) rulers?

I see this event as possibly emblematic of how the larger sociological moves within the United States will occur. People are slowly realizing that there really is only one race and really only one nation; that we all value the same thing: our own happiness.

A couple centuries ago a man much wiser and more eloquent than I characterized it a little differently: He referred to this desire common to all of Humanity as our own Pursuit of Happiness.

Is it possible that the lines and limits, the definitions and delineations that were created to divide and separate us are beginning to fail? Are we now realizing how alike we all are? Is it Earthly possible that the very enemy we have discovered within our own borders and ‘leading’ our nation has sown the seeds for our unification through their tyrannical diktats?

How ironic. How delicious. How Hopeful!

Robert Altomare

Founder of the New App, BreathEasy.

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