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Communists Make the Case for Federalism

There’s just something about Leftists that, if they weren’t so dangerous, they’d be hilarious.

The one defining characteristic all woke Leftists share is their unending narcissism that (counter-intuitively) never leads to any sort of introspection or self-awareness. How is that even possible? How can these earnestly blindered individuals gaze into Narcissus's’ mirrored lake and rejoice in their glorious wokeness, yet never even suspect that they might have been lied to and turned into a useful idiot by truly evil men?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not mocking fools for being fooled. I am mocking them for NEVER questioning their certainty. We see an unending list of Communist agitators masquerading as politicians who pervert laws and regulations in the sorry hope of ensnaring Conservatives. But in spite of Leftist politicians’ fancy suits, big words and scary regulations, all I TRULY see is Wiley E. Coyote trying to wrangle the Road Runner with some new contraption doomed to fail. Despite his best efforts and seemingly unending credit line with Acme, every snare Wiley sets not only fails, but backfires and boomerangs on the poor Mr. Coyote in spectacular fashion. And the same goes for the Communists currently 'in power.'

As best I can tell, I think Acme has begun marketing their contraptions to the Communists now holding office, These poor fools are always coming out with some new fangled regulation, agency or law that they are assured will finally lead them to ultimate power and hegemony. But, just like Wiley, when they eagerly open the crate of their new toy in a doomed effort to lasso Liberty and bring the Human Spirit to heel, it fails spectacularly and, as we've seen in recent years, boomerangs on them only multiplying their failure.

Consider the election of 2016. If you remember, the Democrat Primary became a race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. But Bernie wasn’t in the club and Hillary bribed ‘the man of the people’ with (at least) a house in the Hamptons.

Now with Bernie out and the "Bernie Bros" forced (forced!) to support the Demo(n)crat Hillary, Trump wiped the floor with her and beat her easily. The utter irony of Hillary’s loss was that it was her own corruption that lost it for her. Bernie would have beaten Trump. Talk about a boomerang. Not only did she lose the election, but she has been playing defense ever since.

And it’s happening again. In an effort by the Left to dunk on an obviously competent Florida administration in the aftermath of a Hurricane, they only dunk on themselves for anyone who’s mildly paying attention.

Consider where the Communist Wiley Coyotes have currently maneuvered themselves over the last several years: When Hillary removed the political version of Pete Seeger and hero, Bernie Sanders, from contention, their corruption ushered in the single most popular President since George Washington. Ouch!

This in turn led to an unmitigated rout of the Deep State, Energy Independence, an expansion of the middle class, a reduction of the Administrative State and a Conservative Supreme Court, among many other things.

Winning! (h/t Charlie Sheen)

Further, the election of their sworn enemy and the results he produced also led to a massive awakening of the population to their evil at the least opportune moment possible: the Information Age, and this awakening has been accompanied with the awakened citizenry taking up the gauntlet that DJT provided and has taken the fight (decisively) to the enemy. Talk about bad luck!

Which brings us to present day. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Free Florida was hit by the powerful and devastating, Hurricane Ian, recently and our 5th Column dutifully lined up to hurl accusations of incompetence at America’s Governor, Ron DeSantis. But of course we all knew they would do that, so that’s not the story here. What the real story is, is how their own corruption boomerangs on the Communists and only serves to weaken their own cause.

So again, the Communists’ corruption is ultimately leading to their own destruction, just as it did in 2016. They have colluded and selected ‘Joe Biden’ to be their patsy so they may wield power behind the throne to enslave the world. But in their desire for total control, they never considered that putting forward a dementia patient only emphasizes through contrast the absolute competence of the governors of Texas and Florida. This inescapable comparison only FAVORS federalism and the primacy of the State over the Federal.

By their corruption, they have made the argument implicitly that LOCAL government is superior to CENTRAL government. Like I said, if they weren't so dangerous, these fools would be hilarious.

And now we’re back to the Wiley E. Coyote boomerang effect. In their desire to centralize power into a King-President, they have inadvertently made the argument for smaller government and a State-centric focus. These fools believed that in order to create centralized power, they needed to install an actual dementia patient. Fools leading fools.

All I can say now, as they make the slow realization that they have utterly destroyed their movement once and for all is, "meep meep."

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