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Fake News, Same as the Old News

I can’t tell people what to think, but I can tell them what to think about.

William Randolph Hearst, a newspaper magnate of the 19th century, said these words when he was discussing the attack on the USS Maine in Havana harbor in 1898. The use of his newspaper to 'manage’ how people thought and felt about events came to be known as “Yellow Journalism.”

As a term, “Yellow Journalism” may have gone out of fashion in the modern age but, as we’ve seen since, its practice still exists, in spades.

During Cuba’s war for independence, Hearst and another newspaperman of the time, Pulitzer, used anonymous sources and outrageous hyperbole about the sinking of the USS Maine to sway popular opinion in his desired direction. Does this technique sound at all familiar to our modern ears?

We have either forgotten or never been taught that the news media has a centuries-long history of lying to generate support for aims hidden to its readership. Then as now, people have/had no idea why they think a certain way or take a particular position. Do you think those are your thought you’re thinking?

Americans are arguably the most ‘managed’ population in the history of the world.

But we’re on to their grift now and are quickly learning that the national media infrastructure is not meant to inform our thoughts, but to control them. And THIS is why we see so many Leftists lose their (assumed) mind when individuals find their way off the fenced plantation of thought; and even more so when those individuals have influence in their own right.

Recently Joe Rogan interviewed the American virologist, Dr. Robert Malone regarding the Covid-19 injections and their dangers. To watch the massive reaction that his interview garnered from the world’s Control Freaks (capital ‘C’, capital ‘F’), you’d think they knew they were losing on the battlefield of ideas and their long-held control over the world’s minds was slipping through their fingers. Oh, wait...

Our betters absolutely went off the deep end and are still trying to get Rogan cancelled and kicked out of the world. Why? Because he simply dared to provide an alternative to their narrative steeped in fear, meant to do one thing and one thing only: maintain control.

And, in case you missed it, Rogan has an audience greater than CNN. Yup, Joe Rogan has displaced CNN as “the most trusted name in news.” From this I can only assume that CNN is getting business advice from Blockbuster nowadays.

Consider that CNN, in primetime, averages a little over 1 million viewers in its prime demographic, where The Joe Rogan Experience podcast averages 11 million downloads per episode. Even when allowing for the fact that television viewership estimates and podcast download counts are not exactly comparing apples to apples, a 10 million difference is no rounding error. Rogan unequivocally outstrips CNN as an influencer. But then again, so does The Weather Channel.

Turns out, our enemies can read and interpret these tea leaves just as anyone else can and Rogan’s reach is no secret. But does the fact that he is also an informer/influencer of public opinion explain America’s Domestic Enemies full-fledged conniption fit?

You bet it does, and here’s why:

It’s not just the fact that public opinion can be swayed in whichever direction necessary, but that it is exceedingly easy to do.

And this is the great secret that must be kept. Literally anyone can do what Hearst or Zucker or Murdoch do on a daily basis.

And this is the reason why our enemies must destroy Rogan and anyone else who strays off the path of pre-defined thought: they know with absolute certainty just how EASY it is to control the minds and actions of large groups of people. Remember Hearst’s statement and all it implies:

I can’t tell people what to think, but I can tell them what to think about.

But here’s the good news! In their desperate effort to maintain the status quo with blatant lies and over-the-top reactionary tactics, our enemies in the Mainstream Media have now ‘jumped the shark’ of credulity and will never be able to undo it.

And you know what happened after Fonzie jumped that shark tank, don’t you?

Do you think Hearst’s followers will avoid their unavoidable fate?

Not a chance.

Yours in the Fight,

R. Altomare

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