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“Follow the Money” Works in Reverse Too

First, I want to open this piece today with my most profuse thanks and gratitude to my old and dear friends, Krisanne and JC Hall ( for having me on their podcast the other day to talk about BreathEasy.

The BreathEasy app has been under development for the better part of the last year and has been 100% self-funded, leaving precious few resources to help get the word out about the app to the patriots who need it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

If you are interested in hearing my interview with JC, it can be found on their website and also at this link. My portion begins at about the 26 minute mark, but if you’re new to Krisanne and JC’s mission, I highly recommend you watch the whole thing. You’ll be hooked in a Pre-Covid New York Minute.

“Follow the Money” works in reverse too, you know…

I’ve seen the YouTube videos just as you have of mask-less citizens just trying to shop or purchase goods only to get harangued and harassed by a flock of Karens. Personally, I lay the blame on the businesses who allow this type of behavior within their walls. Under what other circumstances would this person NOT be cited for Disturbing the Peace or Assault?

In my humble opinion, it will be among private businesses and the general economic landscape where the battle for Freedom will be won. The over-reaching Brandon regime is absolutely relying on the Administrative State to enforce their ‘mandates’ upon the citizenry via private business. This is a weakness that is ripe to exploit.

It is the same type of over-reaching government that passed the 18th Amendment (Prohibition) and the Progressive Federal Income Tax (in the same year, no less) that we are battling now. And, just like before, when the Federal Income Tax was instituted, the Federal government involuntarily conscripted private business to be the government’s tax collectors. We call it ‘withholding’ nowadays.

Well, they’re doing it again with the mask requirements and ‘vaccine’ passports; relying on private business to enforce their own draconian takeover of the Human Spirit. But this time we are much better armed to push back. And, we also have rightly identified the single point of failure in their strategy: The Vichy business owner who supports these draconian mandates, if only as a hope that the alligator eats him last.

This is how our battle will be fought. Not with pitchforks or rifles, but with the boring economic decisions that we all make every day. You might call it “The card swipe heard ‘round the world.”

The strategy before us, and which BreathEasy facilitates, is the exploitation of the regime’s plan’s inherent weakness: that private businesses’ fear forces it to comply.

What would happen if patriot consumers boycotted businesses that force compliance with spirit-killing mandates?

What would happen if patriot consumers buycotted private businesses that valued Human Liberty?

What would happen if patriot businesses simply refused to force compliance on their customers?

Let's find out...

Florida and BreathEasy – Thinking alike

Some late-breaking news that perfectly illustrates that Governor DeSantis has identified the same weakness that I have.

This morning I read that there is now a Legislative Proposal afoot that:

  • Prohibits State and local agencies from doing business with or providing benefits to entities that resettle illegal aliens into Florida

  • Bars State agencies from entering or renewing contracts with carriers that help the Biden Administration [ed. Brandon] transport illegal aliens into Florida

  • Requires private entities that bring illegal immigrants into Florida to provide compensation to the State for the harmful costs that fall on the public

  • Directs jails and courts to collect immigration status information at time of arrest and conviction

  • Strengthens E-verify enforcement.

You think Governor DeSantis will be a BreathEasy fan?

Together in Liberty

Robert Altomare, Founder of BreathEasy


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