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Fort Sumter in Arizona

By Robert Altomare, Founder BreathEasy

When looking at the big picture of our ongoing national crisis, the fight for a fair election in the State of Arizona is strikingly similar to South Carolina’s ejection of Federal forces from Fort Sumter in 1860. Let me explain:

In case your high school history class was more than a few years ago, in 1860, six days after he removed his State from the American Republic’s contract (the US Constitution), the Governor of South Carolina enforced the sovereignty of his nation and removed American federal forces from a South Carolinian fort when they refused to withdraw from the (now foreign) territory of South Carolina. After several refused requests, the SC governor was forced to open fire on the federal forces to enforce his demand. This action was marked (even at the time and not just through history’s lens!) as the first shots fired in the First American Civil War. We are seeing the same in Arizona, but merely of a different form.

I have long held that the United States is in the midst of its Second American Civil War and, while no shots have been (formally) fired between State and Federal forces, we have engaged the enemy in an increasing number of legal, informational and memetic skirmishes over the last 6 years nonetheless.

And it is the protracted legal fight for fair elections in Arizona that mark a formalization of hostilities against corrupt transnational forces who have seized control of this southwestern American State which make it stand out as our generation's Fort Sumter moment. No longer are corrupted elections a thing of whispered conspiracy theories. As of this writing three counties have ‘delayed’ the certification of their elections and, by so doing, have stymied our enemies’ steal of yet another State.

Our enemies cannot brook another Florida in Arizona. They will fight like the corner animals they are. So STOP being surprised and depressed when these animals fight to maintain their position of privilege! Expect the cur to snap at you and you’ll never lose a finger.

When (not if) the Kari Lake election win is finalized (however it may happen), an alliance of States will form by default. Arizona, Texas and Florida will form the backbone of formalized, State-Level resistance to the American Federal Empire. And, as this backbone forms and solidifies, more States will join the cause. There is no need to secede when 45 of 50 States speak their values in unison!

From where I sit, I see a brushfire of Liberty spreading on two different levels.

  • First, at the county level. One by one, individual Arizonan Counties are refusing to certify a known-corrupted election. They have seen the reports that greater than 60% of vote machines had problems on election day. These brave county officials have learned the lesson of stolen elections. As counties decide to ‘delay’ certification of a questionable election, more will follow. Soon only Maricopa County itself will be the only county invested in their steal of the will of the people.

  • Secondly, on the State level. Just like the small rural counties in Arizona, Florida was the vanguard to prioritize election integrity and actually put teeth in its laws. Hard work by many grassroots organizations all throughout Florida have pushed accountability and actual laws to shore up voter integrity in the State. Later, Florida was joined by Texas and soon, Arizona will join this Alliance against Evil and corruption.

Friends, as I wrote in a previous essay, our victory is assured. The hard work is being done, our neighbors’ eyes have been opened and now we are really in the mop up phase of the Second American Civil War.

The cynics in our ranks would point to the ‘loss’ in Pennsylvania as evidence we are losing our country. WRONG! Sloth was the very best candidate they could come up with! This is an unmitigated win because the American Communists were forced to cheat to levels so overwhelming to drag their brain damaged candidate across the finish line that the steal wasn't even subtle at all. Did you know that over 50% of Sloth’s votes were mailed in? Our enemies in Pennsylvania won a skirmish only. I predict Sloth’s ‘win’ won’t survive 6 months.

How can I be so certain of Kari Lake's win and a reversal or similar invalidation of the Pennsylvania ‘election?’ Because lies are forever and people are looking for them. The evidence already exists to completely invalidate these ‘elections’ and the American public is fully aware of the theft of their vote.

We are in uncharted waters, friends. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have the wind at our backs and a divine navigator at the helm.


R. Altomare

Founder, BreathEasy

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