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Freedom Is Proved Only Through Action

The following essay was not written by me but I was so struck with how well it captured my own thoughts on how the BreathEasy app is the tool for the war for Freedom, I had to share it with you. Please enjoy the following piece by Karina Schmitt:.

- Rob @, founder of the BreathEasy App, coming soon

COVID-19 plandemic politicians falsely promised freedom and safety, while increasingly suffocating people with mandates and restrictions, but Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis fought back despite an endless barrage of criticism. And significantly, he proved that his policies worked. Could he be just as tough in defending the U.S. Constitution? Yes.

The media attacked Governor DeSantis for his “irresponsible policies.” The Biden administration’s Fauciism tried desperately to force vaccinations on people, including threatening their livelihoods. Other governments, both domestic and international, have enforced high fines, sanctions, and punishments to bully people to become vaccinated. But in Florida, the vaccine always remained a choice.

One of the main themes discussed at CPAC 2022 was Freedom. DeSantis initiated his CPAC 2022 speech saying, “Let me welcome you to the freest state in these United States.” He then explained to CPAC attendees that freedom is proved only through action, not Fauciism.

DeSantis’s freedom-focused policies let Florida set a record for U.S. tourism in 2021—and allowed him to lambaste leftist government officials who vacationed in the Sunshine State, even as they imposed lockdowns and harsh restrictions on their own people. He snarkily suggested dumping in Delaware...on Biden’s lawn...the illegal immigrants Biden’s administration brought into the country.

Florida’s policies kept small businesses in business. Meanwhile, Democrats pretended to protect small businesses with stimulus packages that proved to be largely worthless for businesses that are truly small or newly started. The Small Business Administration completely failed this group of business owners.

While Florida’s students eventually went back to school, leftist activists (aka some teachers) still demanded radical COVID-19 restrictions. These are absurd demands for children and should have been grounds for immediate termination. The unions weaponized the students for political gain shamelessly.

The established media (EM) and social media (SM) bombarded people with scare campaigns, bullying them into submission nationwide. Worldwide, the EM and SM have become the influence arms of government control over citizens. They don’t police the government; they enable it.

In Denmark, which is increasingly totalitarian, legislation was introduced to sanction bloggers and influencers who speak out against government policies pertaining to COVID-19. Fortunately for the people and freedom of speech, the legislation fell through. That mindset, though, is indicative of a clandestine dictatorship. Americans must take this into consideration as they consider who they want to lead their state and the nation in November.

Florida stood strong and many could learn from Florida. In addition to Governor DeSantis, other leaders who exhibited real leadership and a fundamental understanding of the Constitution were South Dakota’s Kristi Noem and Texas’s Greg Abbott.

Controlling people is never great leadership. Instead, it demonstrates the exact opposite. We cannot allow government officials to compromise leadership that should be based on the concept of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Allowing such compromises inevitably destroys those rights. This is a battle that the people must be willing to take on.

If an elected official does not introduce legislation consistent with the U.S. Constitution, that official should be removed. It’s absurd to think that freedom can be achieved through government control. It’s even more mindboggling that an entire world fell for the preposterous COVID-19 scamdemic.

DeSantis reminded his audience about President Eisenhower’s warnings against the despots of technological and scientific development. There is, he said, “a danger that public policy can be held captive by this scientific elite.” Today, are those not the same groups attacking freedom-loving people? Are they not the ones who seek to control the world with an iron fist? These are the people who have banned, silenced, barred, criminalized, and de-platformed great leaders and conservative members of society, such as President Trump, Mike Lindell, Rudy Giuliani, Candace Owens, Marjorie Taylor Green, and many others.

When government officials divert responsibility to health officials and international organizations, it’s a sign they are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions. They’re using a planned, cowardly defense mechanism to avoid accountability. Governor DeSantis refused to do this. He stood with the people, unlike the far-left former governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, or the current far-left governor of California, Gavin Newsom. DeSantis demonstrated that freedom is achieved through actions not politically correct babbling [ed - emphasis mine].

Many Americans often take freedom for granted and it is easy to understand why. For centuries, they have been raised with the idea that freedom is their God-given right but, as that great patriot, President Ronald Reagan, said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Millennials are largely clueless about what this means due to progressive indoctrination in schools, while their parents have been asleep.

Americans have assumed freedom is only lost in other countries. They feel superior to communist countries, even as communism is growing right in their own backyard.

It’s time, however, to consider objectively whether the United States under Democratic rule is that much different from communism. Just think about how fast “free” nations like Austria and Australia lost their freedom. Germans are still wearing face masks everywhere.

While the Danish government lifted all restrictions in January 2022, it still uses the government email system, to which everyone is required to be connected, to “remind” people to get vaccinated, and the government still uses the school system’s intranet to blast reminders of vaccinations available for the students in Danish schools. That is not freedom.

The people have a responsibility to fight back to provide for the next generation the same rights we have enjoyed during our lifetime [ed - emphasis mine]. Events in 2020 have revealed to us how leftists have abused power around the world. We must hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and, when they violate our rights, we have the responsibility to vote them out. (You can see me develop these ideas further on You & the Truth with the host of the Mike Essen Show.)

Governor DeSantis looked at what Americans are dealing with in 2022 and summed it up well:

The threats we face to freedom, the threats we face to a just society are much more pervasive than they were just ten years ago. Think about what the left wants to do. What are their political aims? If they had elected just a couple more senators, they were going to pack the U.S. Supreme Court. They were going to make D.C. a state, so they could have two radical, Democrat, left-wing senators for life. They were going to abolish the electoral college, so California could elect the president, and they wanted to federalize the fraudulent ballot practices.

Think about these words and ask yourself if Democrat plans prove that they are for freedom or freedom’s end. For the Democrats, the word “freedom,” is what the F-word is to Republicans—it’s a curse. When they talk about “democracy,” they are not envisioning America’s constitutional republican democracy predicated on individual rights and small government. They will not take action to support our constitutional rights and everything they say is deceptive.

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