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Pull the Slack Out of the Chains

Don’t take my word for it, look around.

I think we all within our Movement understand that we are, by our nature as Humans, endowed by our Creator with rights that we cannot give away. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, as the old saw goes.

But what we have seen over the last 2 years are actions taken by those who are simply enforcing their self-determined “divine” right to rule over us. The lockdowns and mandates are symptoms of the larger problem, not the problem themselves.

Many are now awakening to the idea that we Citizens have been asleep at the self-governance wheel for far too long, comfortably ignorant and believing that those we (allegedly) chose to represent our interests shared our values and that they would defend our Rights as Humans. And now, as our rulers assert their dominance over us and treat us like cattle, we are forced to fight our way back out of this lobster trap of reliance on government for our daily bread.

My last essay imparted to you the importance of non-compliance and using the POW tactic of ‘testing’ to survive our current predicament and offer a measure of resistance. Testing, if you’ll remember, is the act of testing how far you can go without following any of your jailers’ rules. And, as a result, you become just a little freer than you would have been had you simply complied like they wanted you to.

And this idea of ‘testing’ is all fine and dandy when all we’re doing is pontificating and philosophizing. But, we no longer have the luxury of navel gazing on how we might fight for our God-Given Rights. We are in it and in it deep now and we need concrete instructions to fight back with confidence and self-assuredness and simply wear the opposition out. We are in a game of Last Man Standing now and part of the game is to stand up.

So, how do we test? What are the steps?

Honestly, it’s simpler than you may think. Imagine that you are walking up to a brick/mortar store and, as so many stores do, this store also has a sign in the window that says, “Masks Required!”

Now, I know that our first instinct is to turn around, go back to our car, grab that dirty, good for nothing mask hiding in our glove compartment and dutifully put it on so you can give this company some of your hard-earned, quickly de-valuing money. But you must fight this ‘obey first’ instinct and push forward through that door and ignore that meaningless sign. Stride past that sign and ignore it.

I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how infrequently you will be accosted, especially this far along in the fight. Yes, it will still happen. There will always be those who defer to their slave-masters to take care of them and there will always be Overseers acting on our rulers’ behalf. You should pity those people. But the chains of slavery binding you will never come off if there is constant slack in them and you never strive to break free of them.

A small example from only yesterday:

I live in Florida and, as such, we enjoy a greater degree of Freedom than our California or Oregon cousins. Yes, there are still many who wear the mask or get the shot, but it appears that Florida has engendered a ‘live and let live’ sort of environment in that regard and almost none of the businesses I frequent or visit require a mask or proof of receiving the mark shot in order to enter.

That being said, just yesterday I was wandering around a small beach community and happened upon a small, locally owned, bookstore. Wonderful! Let’s browse and see if anything strikes my fancy. Just as with many (not all!) of the stores here in Florida, this little bookstore had a sign in the window that said, “Masks Required!” and “We have some if you need one.”

As I do everywhere else, I ignored the sign and walked right in. The matronly woman sitting behind the counter, instead of welcoming me into her store, she immediately confronted me and stated, “We require masks to be inside. Do you have …”

I didn’t even let her finish her statement as I turned on my heel and walked right back out again. I didn’t make a scene. I didn’t yell at her telling her that she was infringing on my rights as a Human nor did I righteously object and give her all the information that she so obviously lacked about the near 100% survival rate of Covid or the 0% efficacy rate of masks.

Instead, all I did was simply turn around and walk right back out of the store, saying nothing.

Test Complete.

I now know to never return to that store ever again. I now know to never recommend that store to any friend ever again. The irony is that, of course I fully support the owner’s right to ‘refuse service to anyone.’ Be my guest! (pun intended). But her rights to refuse me service (by requiring I wear a mask) does not come without a cost. We now know unequivocally where that bookshop owner stands, and she does not stand with us.

Another example, just for fun. This one demonstrates that testing does not come without sacrifice on my part.

Recently, I was considering driving to Las Vegas from Florida (I no longer fly commercial, never let it be said I don’t walk the walk.) to attend the largest firearms expo in the country called “The Shot Show.” I was considering attending to help get the word out about the BreathEasy app (what better user base?). Attendance would be pricey ($5,000) and no refunds are provided. But surely this would be an excellent opportunity to spread the word about the BreathEasy app, no?

In my research to learn more about the convention, I read on their website that “in accordance with blah, blah, blah” the convention center requires masks to be worn while inside the venue.” Now, am I willing to drive across the country and bet $5,000 to ‘test’ this and stride in maskless and force the jailers to enforce this ‘mandate?’

YES! Of course I am!

But, because no refunds are provided, and the $5,000 fee must be paid up front to reserve an exhibitor’s table, I decided I would not attend the show at all. I have since directed my time, effort and money in a different direction. I essentially took the exact same action that I did at the bookstore: I took my business elsewhere. And this time, it was done to my own detriment. Now just imagine if this were done everywhere across the fruited plain?

If the fight did not require sacrifice, then it isn’t much of a fight, is it? Every time I test a business, I approach it as if I am walking onto a used car lot: I am fully prepared to walk away. Trust me, their need for you to spend your money is far greater than your need to give it to them.

Yours in the Fight

R. Altomare

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