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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the Ignorant Communist gift to Conservative, Free Market satirists that keeps on giving. I mean, really, who were the applicants they decided against when her string-pullers were picking who to run in the election??

In recent weeks, this walking/talking cautionary tale has graced us with three, count them: 3, examples of what Stalin meant by ‘useful idiot.’ And I swear to God, I don’t know how she pulled it off, but this ignoramus has managed to be both a self-important, narcissistic apparatchik and demonstrated a lack of self-awareness so great that it rivals Joe Brandon, but without that pesky, pant-crapping dementia (or so I’m told).

Let’s start with an article I ran across a week or so ago by David Harsanyi entitled, AOC’s Grasp on American Governance is a ‘Farce’ which came out on Christmas Eve on In it Harsanyi describes AOC’s foot stomping hissy fit about Joe Manchin torpedoing the Build Back Better raid of the American Treasury.

Harsanyi quotes AOC as complaining that Senator Manchin engaged in an “egregious breach” of President Brandon’s “trust” when he refused to support the legislation. Further, she groused, “The idea that Joe Manchin says that he can’t explain this back home to his people is a farce.”

While I appreciated Harsanyi’s article and I felt it was well-written and insightful, I believe he missed a key implication of AOC’s stupid (not ignorant) statement. And seeing her statement for what it implies gives us all the information we need to understand that there is no arguing with these enemies of a Free Republic. What’s the old saw about wrestling a pig…?

You see, Manchin is approaching the topic from the old-fashioned notion of representative government. He believes he has an obligation to explain to West Virginians his vote. Why? Because they (purportedly and without a vote audit) sent him to Washington to represent the interests of Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.

But if you read AOC’s caterwauling about President Brandon’s ‘broken trust’ in Manchin, she is unequivocally stating that Manchin’s loyalties should lay with the Party and not the people who sent him to Washington in the first place. She is almost explicit in her statement.

She states that the interests of West Virginia must be negotiated in Washington DC and only then will the people’s fates be revealed and 'defended.’ Her statement implies the underpinning and assumptions embedded in her thinking: that government is to rule the people, not represent them. Sickening.

In the next chapter of the cautionary tale, AOC provided yet more grist for the pity mill when she tweeted the following:

If Republicans are mad they can’t date me they can just say that instead of projecting their sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend’s feet. Ya creepy weirdos.”

She continued with,

“it’s starting to get old ignoring the very obvious, strange, and deranged sexual frustrations that underpin the Republican fixation on me, women, & LGBT+ people in general.”

Wait…what? Mad we can’t date her? Is that what she said? Are we being punked? This imbecile is a walking SNL skit…if SNL were funny. How is it AOC can embody both comedy and tragedy at the same time? Quite the trick...

Let me just say that, as a bachelor who’s been around the block a time or two, can I just ask the obvious question? What in God’s name could possibly be at all attractive about a girl pretending to be a woman?

What I see underlying her stupid (not ignorant) statement is that AOC still has the mentality of the young girl working behind the bar. She is so used to getting hit on by drunk Chads that she stupidly (not ignorantly) believes that real (and sober) men find her equally attractive outside the dim lights of a bar. She has no frame of reference other than her former workplace where low cut shirts and Daisy Duke cutoffs juice the tip jar.

But I’m a Congresswoman!” No, Miss. You are a toddler wearing your mother’s heels and pretending to be a grown-up. Just as Jordan Peterson refuses forced speech, I will similarly refuse to call you an adult.

Follow up question: What do you suppose her eHarmony profile looks like?

And finally, rounding out number three in the AOC stupidity Olympics, we have her showing up in Free Florida, maskless, with her boyfriend (you suppose they met at the bar?) sipping drinks while her actual constituency is left behind in NYC, masked up and fearing the next lockdown. If hypocrisy were a crime, she certainly wouldn’t get arrested since we all know that the Communists believe in a two-tiered judicial system. But maybe it’s a good thing that hypocrisy isn’t against the law? Or at least, it doesn’t matter.

Why? Because under the old rules of the game, her visit to Free Florida would never be made public due to the completely and utterly compromised ‘free press’ that would bury such a revelation. Under the old rules, AOC’s absence from the wan spotlight of political theatre would be explained away with a simple alibi of “visiting old friends” or “getting over a mild cold.”

But the Despot's Good Ole Days are long gone and it seems that these idiot communists simply haven’t gotten the memo (which is good for us) that the People are paying attention now. These hypocrites continue acting as if the old rules are still in play when in fact, literally everyone with a phone is a citizen reporter now. Just ask Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe how he got his start.

And the more these fools continue to act foolishly, the more consistently the message will be delivered to the People that they aim to rule you. The good news is that this message will be consistently delivered precisely because these idiots can’t stop acting out their despotic and hypocritic tendencies. Fine with me, honestly; We see you now.

Given all this then, how can we possibly engage with AOC on any substantive issue? She is a spoiled child playing pretend and demanding obedience from the people she treats not as individual citizens of a Free Republic, but as the little dollies she dresses up on the floor of her bedroom festooned with Che and Justin Beiber posters. This poor creature merits pity, not attention.

Now, maybe when I want an Old Fashioned served up by an empty-headed nobody who did nothing more than answer a casting call for her government job….Maybe I’ll give her my drink order, but definitely not a microphone or any real responsibility.

R. Altomare

Founder of the BreathEasy App, coming soon


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