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Sanity in Four Steps

People ask me how it is possible that I can be so calm in the face of current events? No one could argue that I’ve stuck my head in the sand and am ignoring the daily insults to our Liberty. I developed the BreathEasy app to actively combat our rulers’ encroachments on our individual sovereignty at the grassroots level. And yet, even in spite of the hourly outrages enacted against a Free people, they ask, ‘Rob, what is your secret?’

Over the last several years I’ve created a few simple rules for myself to help me navigate the utterly strange and transformative times we live in today. For your kind consideration, I’ve written them up for you below. It is my sincerest belief you find value in them.

Rule Number One: It’s ALL lies

This is the foundational principle upon which all other rules are laid. If you can get your mind around the idea that literally everything that we are told are lies, misconceptions or simply incorrect, you will learn to not be so surprised when a new ‘truth’ replaces an old ‘truth.’

We all engage with social media, watch the news or talk with friends and neighbors. Through these channels, we (think) we are learning about the world around us and consider ourselves to be well-informed. But in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s all wrong, untrue or outright lies. I think Socrates said it best on his deathbed when he (is purportedly to have) said, “I know that I know nothing.”

Or was that Sergeant Schultz?

So what’s a citizen – soldier or keyboard warrior to do when the weapons used against him are not rifles or cannons but information?

I know it’s tempting to believe that your favorite news outlet or social media darling has the inside track on current events, but it simply isn’t so. And when we choose favorite information sources, it becomes nothing more than a “my news is better than your news” competition with no winners leaving us no closer to the ACTUAL Truth.

Sometimes the only way to win is to not play the game and remove your pieces from the information gameboard altogether. When you refuse to play their game with their rules, you absolutely neuter any weapons levied against you. How do you do this? It’s simple, really. Simply accept as axiomatic that any information that makes its way to you is curated for your consumption, not your benefit. It’s ALL Lies…

Rule Number Two: Observation Does Not Require Emotional Investment

Our generation is the most professionally and most efficiently propagandized population in the history of the planet (no exaggeration). Because of this, it behooves us to disarm our enemies from their best and favorite weapon: information.

We are in the midst of a war fought on a battlefield of information. False information is used to dishearten, enflame and divide. Your strategy should then be to deny the enemy of their last and only weapon against you: Your own emotional response.

If you start from the premise that all pieces of information fed to you are outright lies, incomplete or simply not factual (Rule One), it becomes much easier to not allow it to command your emotions. As Humans, we seek out bad news; we absolutely addicted to it. Sales pitch men know it, politicians know it and our Deep State rulers know it. We must learn to observe events or pieces of information and resist the very human temptation to 1) believe it and 2) react to it.

Observation does not require response or emotional investment.

Rule Number Three: Criminals Gonna Criminal

One of the biggest contributors to our anger is the constant surprise we feel when the politicians do what politicians always do -> Engage in rank corruption to line their own pockets (or worse).

  • Anger comes from surprise.

  • Surprise comes from disappointment.

  • Disappointment comes from the difference between expectations and reality.

You can break this chain by simply removing the premise that expectations will match reality. They won’t and this is especially true in the political sphere. There are so many agendas, vendettas and varying and conflicting interests that we could NEVER understand all the interplay and relationships among them.

I daresay this is a significant reason why so many of our Leftist friends are so angry all the time: they live in the world of “should be” and not as it truly is. They lack the critical thinking and intellectual rigor to recognize that information that exists that is unknown to them; they believe they know all there is to know and the world around them can be modeled and simulated into perfection. The refuse to account for an individual’s Free Will which confounds their plans to no end (thus requiring their hegemonic control of every aspect of your life).

Stop being surprised when you learn of some new criminality by those in power. By accepting the very simple premise that our government is riven with corruption, your surprise will cease and you will break the chain that leads only to anger.

Rule Number Four: Participate

A key cause of hopelessness is a lack of agency. Stated another way, people become hopeless when they believe they can’t win or get ahead; that the cards are stacked against them and the game is rigged. People lose hope because they feel powerless to change things, however wrong that may be. The antidote to this hopelessness is to simply participate in the fight at whatever level you are able.

No grand gestures or actions are necessarily required to participate either! I know that we here in the trenches look up and see the heavy hitters in the Great Cause and think to ourselves, “I could never do that.” But just remember, all those podcasts, videos, interviews, speeches, television appearances, etc. are merely the White Swan floating along the water. Yes, it’s beautiful but the real action is occurring below the waterline. We 99% are literally the White Swan’s webbed feet furiously paddling just under the surface that go completely unseen. But those webbed feet are what propels the Swan.

Understand that your participation, at whatever level you can manage, propels the Great Cause’s White Swan and helps sustain your hope through these times that Try a Man’s Soul. My small contribution to our Effort was the creation of the BreathEasy app to help build the parallel economy. YOUR small contribution could be as small as simply using the BreathEasy app and, by your efforts, incrementally create the larger whole, one vote at a time. We are strongest when we are united. The BreathEasy network builds that unity.

Your participation creates agency for yourself. Your agency creates hope for yourself and others. Your hope will sustain you in the dark days that are yet ahead of us.

We will outlast our enemies.

We will demolish the old normal.

We will free ourselves from the bondage we never knew we suffered.

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23 may 2023

Good advice.

Me gusta
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