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The End of the Beginning

As you know, I publish articles here that either I wrote or that I wish I wrote.

Here's a good example of the latter by a writer named Larry Schweikart. Enjoy.

Next Tuesday marks the end of the beginning, the point at which the march to defeat globalism and leftist spoogistic thrombosis truly takes off.

​1. To use a World War II military metaphor, Trump I (obviously not deliberately) was Dieppe—a reconnaissance in force designed to find out if it is indeed possible to invade, what the enemy’s defenses were, and other vital information.

​Trump and MAGA conservatives certainly found out.

We learned that the Deep State had infested the FBI, the CIA, the military, and virtually all of Washington, D.C. down to the clerk level. We learned that the court system needed to be completely recast. We learned that without proper support and reinforcements, a President is like the Canadians dropped at Dieppe—alone, outnumbered, and vastly outgunned. They were extremely limited in what they could achieve, even though they successfully landed.

​That intelligence was crucial.

Many of us “thought” it before, but the reality of the beast in front of us I think surprised almost everyone. Certainly, it surprised Trump, who told his friend Rush Limbaugh that he expected after a few weeks the leftoids in Congress and the bureaucracy would actually act like Americans, follow the instructions of their boss, and institute the programs.

He learned this was not the case at all. He inherited a thoroughly mutinous army of quasi-neanderthal Fabians hurling logs and rocks in his path every step of the way. He was hounded by turncoat and traitorous “justice” department investigations and a Hoax “Muh Russia” conspiracy.

​We don’t yet know how, exactly, he was persuaded to lock down the country during the China Virus, but I suspect Vice President Mike Pence has a lot to do with it.

​The Canadians at Dieppe had to be withdrawn with high casualties. But the information they gained was priceless, and could not be obtained painlessly or at a low cost of life. The Canadians who died at Dieppe likely saved the lives of ten British and American troops at Normandy.

II. November 8 is the paratroop drop.

We will elect a small army of MAGA conservatives, but not an overwhelming force yet. They will cut the enemy’s power lines, legislate new landmines that “mules” can’t avoid, and prohibit satanic and deadly new laws from going into effect, even if they can pass few of their own.

​This wave of paratroopers will stall presidential appointees, delay and perhaps even kill funding for foreign wars, and investigate the various crimes of the administration. But they are stranded behind enemy lines. They can harass, disrupt, even hold some territory for a time—but before long they will need armor and air.

III. That’s coming in the Normandy of 2024 with Trump II.

This time he’ll (we hope) have a legion of MAGA lieutenants and captains who will tolerate no slowdowns or insubordination from the ranks, who will purge the truly hopeless slackdaggers, and who will establish beachheads everywhere that the supplies of liberty and truth can roll onto. They will expand the battlefield with a breakout.

​That won’t mark the end by any means, but the end of the beginning, where now it’s only a matter of time and cost. . . but the next installment is coming.

IV. Victory.

The enemy cannot win. Leftists and the squidpickle Saurons can only retreat. Yes, there will be counterattacks, some of them bloody as at the Philippine Sea or the Battle of the Bulge. But they can never again hold the commanding heights of American politics.

​You can see this just in the incredible candidates and bench the MAGA conservatives have, people such as Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron or the vibrant new Arizona governor Kari Lake or the populist veteran J. D. Vance. The right can point to 30 people qualified to serve as president after Trump. The left? Dinosaurs both in physical status and mental brainpower.

Victory is coming. It is inevitable. We’ve done the work, suffered the losses, learned the lessons, and gathered the intelligence. The paratroops lift off next Tuesday and land in January.

L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace.

Larry Schweikart is the co-author of the New York Times #1 bestseller, A Patriot’s History of the United States with Michael Allen; is the author of Dragonslayers: Six Presidents and their War with the Swamp; and is the founder of the Wild World of History, a high school history curriculum site based on the pillars of American exceptionalism.


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