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The National Dog Fight

I will be the first to admit that no matter how optimistic I am for our guaranteed victory over the echelons of usurped power and nefarious influence, I still grow weary of our war. “Doom Porn” is a word now and it inundates us on a daily basis, and, because of our constant connectedness, bad news is inescapable.

In any war, it is incumbent upon soldiers and generals to count casualties and try to determine who “won.” But beyond these metrics, another method not typically commented upon is the fortitude of the citizens themselves; How willing are they to continue the fight? How committed are they to victory? Do the people continue to support their political leaders in their fight? These can be the more significant metric than any others. As the saying goes, “It’s not the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the dog.”

There is no clearer or more obvious marker for individuals who have lost their will to fight and who have been mentally beaten by our war than the unmandated wearing of masks (aka ‘slave muzzles’). We all see these people who every day. Even down here in Free Florida people continue to voluntarily wear these instruments of subjugation. But why?

Here in Florida, the government mandates have ceased and will never come back. And the requirements by businesses to wear a mask or show your vaccine status have also ceased (and the BreathEasy app ensures that no business will EVER dare mandate such foolishness again). Add to this the general disappearance of the perennial busybodies (‘Karen’) who enthusiastically acted as government overseers for uppity slaves all sum to a ‘win’ for Freedom. Absent these loudspeakers for oppression, why are there still individuals who continue to subjugate themselves by wearing masks to, literally, nobody?

The answer is because these people have been mentally broken.

Our fellow citizens who bought into the Lie might be forgiven for being fooled by liars. But they will never be forgiven (by me, at any rate) for attempting to enforce their own delusion on those of us who saw through the Lie. They were falsely righteous in their attacks on us thinking they were doing the Lord’s work and “keeping people safe” when in fact they were doing the Devil’s work, acting as de facto overseers on behalf of globalist plantation owners. And now that the lie is crumbling and many are learning of the lethality of the injections they have received, they are now asking for amnesty. Patriots, no quarter must be given on this issue. Never forget how they treated us.

But it is those that suffer the illegal mandates in muted, accommodating silence that are the untold victims to the mental violence of our time. During the lockdowns, these people (we all know at least one) wore the slave muzzle without question and do so even now! We see them every day in shops, in grocery stores, at our local Target.

But there are others who are so damaged, so far gone, that it will take years of de-programming to ever bring them back from their mental edge. And let’s be honest, these mentally weak people were always out there but it took a Lie so massive and compliance so total to bring it out and show how degraded our people’s fortitude (in general) had become.

Last week, I was at a stop light when a car pulled up beside me. As I looked over, I realized that I was presented with an example of a person so totally, mentally broken that I was inspired to write this essay.

This poor devil was in his car, alone, wearing a mask, with the windows up and in Free Florida. But the coup de grace was when I looked closer. When you zoom in on the picture you will notice that this poor soul has poked a hole through his mask to allow him to smoke his pipe! (the air freshener was a nice, ironic touch)

Imagine: This man was faced with the choice of which addiction to feed his addiction to nicotine and his addiction to subjugation and, God bless him, he found a way to feed both. There are a couple of lessons contained within this living, breathing meme that I witnessed that day:

  1. Even in the most heinous circumstances, people will create ridiculous justifications and contortions of logic to accommodate insults to their personal freedoms and attempt to maintain some semblance of comfort. And,

  2. Some people have been so mentally broken by this war and to such an extent that all mental faculties for critical thinking or understanding of what ‘Freedom’ truly means have been erased. They have forgotten, or never learned, their heritage as an American.

I’m sure the soldiers in the Continental Army were also surprised at how many ‘loyal subjects’ there were who did NOT support their cause for Freedom and Independence. I’m sure they asked themselves how it was possible that anyone couldn’t see the absolute insults to personal dignities the British Crown was imposing on their own citizens/subjects. To one man, it was merely Common Sense that the Colonies should divorce themselves from their mother country. And, as Mr. Paine likely learned, common sense is not as common as it should be, equally so in the 18th century as the 21st.

The tolls of this war extend beyond lost savings accounts and broken supply chains. It is exacting a cost on a much more intimate and personal level.

My recommendation is to pick a day, Sunday perhaps, to completely disconnect from the electronic world; leave your phone at home, bake bread, walk your dog, grab a coffee and read a physical book. The battlefield is your mind, don’t cede an inch of it.


R. Altomare

Founder, BreathEasy

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