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Weeds in America’s Garden of Liberty, Free Florida

All this week, I watched the votes come in from BreathEasy users across the country and around the world and I have to say, I was starting to feel quite satisfied! I noticed that fewer and fewer users are voting businesses down lately and it caused me to think that perhaps, just perhaps, we were winning the war for Liberty. We are all creating the parallel economy together and, as I watched the votes come in, I saw fewer and fewer down-votes.

Well Done, BreathEasy Users!

And today I realized that while the war is definitely swinging in our favor, I was reminded that that it is far from over when I found this:

An American Thinker article published today recounts the experience of Gianno Caldwell while visiting the Paradis Bakery in Miami, Florida. Mr. Caldwell, a (conservative) Fox news analyst and podcaster, was overheard speaking about conservative topics by the owner and was summarily ejected from the Paradis Bakery in Miami, Florida by the owner.

The full story can be read here.

Now, in the early days of the illegal lockdowns, I would have enjoyed watching the video of the Conservative righteously arguing with the business owner who required us to wear a slave muzzle or show them our 'vax' papers. We all did this during the illegal lock downs.

You and I both know it isn’t 2020 any longer, we’re not arguing. We’re building! And unfortunately for the owners of Paradis, it appears they haven’t gotten the memo that we have regrouped since the first insults of the illegal mandates and are instead creating a new, parallel economy that will absolutely replace these anti-human businesses completely. Paradis seems to think it’s still 2020; boy have they got a wakeup call coming their way…

I think what particularly insults my sensibilities in this story is that these individuals enjoy the Liberty that Free Florida provides but actively hate everything it stands for. Had this occurred in San Francisco or Portland, I would have shrugged my shoulders and said, “Tyrants gonna tyrant.” But FLORIDA? The twofer of irony and hypocrisy is staggering.

Friends, I was not there. I have never been to this business, nor can I vouch for any of Gianno’s story that is now spreading. But I CAN tell you that this is exactly why I built the BreathEasy app. I remember getting kicked out of businesses during the illegal lock downs for not wearing a slave muzzle. I remember the screaming Karens at Trader Joe’s. And I know you remember your own experiences. This is why you downloaded the app and are voting, along with all the other BreathEasy users out there, on the businesses you visit. You are building the patriot economy with every vote you make.

Paradis Bakery is a wokester-soldier business in the war against Liberty. We must starve it of any further sustenance in the form of our hard-earned dollars. We absolutely cannot allow this weed of a business and its humanity-hating proclivities to take root in Free Florida.

And let me make it excruciatingly clear: Just as I accept that weeds are living things and exist for a purpose I still remove the weed!

I support this businesswoman’s choice to run her business as she sees fit. However, we will not allow Paradis or any other business-weed to kill the soft green shoots of Liberty now solidifying in Free Florida. I will not censor myself in a business that hates who I am just because I’m in the mood for a Banana-Nut muffin and neither should you.

There ARE alternative, patriot businesses who will welcome your humanity affirming ideas. They are out there, working WITH you to create the parallel economy and the BreathEasy app will show them to you. We must nurture, water and support these businesses! The BreathEasy app was purpose-built to root out these enemies of Liberty. No Quarter can be shown them.

I am calling on all our users in the Miami area to visit the Paradis Bakery and confirm the story that was reported by Gianno Caldwell. And, if your experience mirrors his, vote this business down and let the rest of the INTERNATIONAL BreathEasy network know to avoid this business. And, not for nothing: don't forget that when you downvote a business, a patriot-centric alternative business will be provided so you never have to bend the knee at Paradis Bakery every again.

We are not welcome at Paradis Bakery. So be it. Paradis Bakery is a weed in the garden of Liberty and it’s high time for BreathEasy users in Miami to do some weeding!


R. Altomare

Founder, BreathEasy

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