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What is VotEasy? Hear the Interview!

I had the distinct honor to be invited BACK to the Battlefront Broadcasting podcast with Dustin Faulkner to talk about Voter Integrity this election season.

On the show with me was Raj Doreisamy, the head of Defend Our Union, a NATIONWIDE grassroots voter integrity organization. In our segment, Raj spoke about his organization and how important it was to get out, vote and report voter fraud. THEN, I followed up with the new TOOL to report Voter Integrity, A new mod to the BreathEasy app!

Yup, in case you hadn't heard, we modified the BreathEasy app just a little so that you can mark your votes as either a vote on a business (a regular BreathEasy vote) or on a polling location! This means you can vote on voter fraud as you go out to vote IN REAL TIME.

Check out the interview here, it's a short one, maybe just 20 minutes but we had a blast talking to Dustin. And if you aren't familiar with Raj and his organization, I'm sure you'll instantly love him.


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