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VocTech Workshops

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 Workshops for VOCTECH Students

From Aspiring Tradesmen to
Confident Business Owners

Do you have students eager to turn their new skills into a successful business?

Go beyond the book and host an in-person presentation of the concepts taught in The Tradesman's MBA.

The 1-Day Tradesman's MBA Workshop, presented by the author,  explains all the necessary business concepts, techniques and fundamentals discussed in the book that your students will need in order to start and operate their small business.

By the end of the workshop, your students will have a solid understanding of the importance of business planning, due diligence, financial and accounting concepts, as well as proper inventory management techniques all tailored to the trades.  Custom presentations are also possible upon request.

Bookkeeping Services

Business Coaching & Consulting

Get Your Copy Today!

Written specifically for the trades, The Tradesman's MBA is the perfect guide for any tradesman who wants to start or operate a business but might be a little overwhelmed or intimidated by all the business mumbo-jumbo.


From business formation, through accounting and on to operations, this book covers all the essential topics you need to know using real-world examples and plain language.


Order your copy today and start your journey towards success.

Bulk Discounts Available

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