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Vernacular for an Unfree Time

So let me get this straight: we’re calling our exit from Afghanistan a ‘withdrawal?’

Was it a ‘withdrawal’ when King George left the colonies? Was it a ‘withdrawal’ when Iraq left Kuwait? Was it a ‘withdrawal’ when the Soviets left East Germany? Are you kidding me? Let’s call our departure what it truly is: A defeat.

And it wasn’t just a defeat! Because we left so much materiel in place, I think ole Noah Webster could classify this as an unmitigated surrender! And what did those illiterate goatherders immediately do with their American booty? They sold the MRAPs to Pakistan and flew a Blackhawk helicopter around Kabul with some poor dead Afghan hanging by his neck as a warning to the rest. Nice going, Team Biden. You’ve finally inspired our ‘allies’ to do what the previous President had been imploring them to do for four years; they now realize that America under Democrat leadership is no ally at all and they are now bolstering their own defense with no prodding by the USG whatsoever!

But the point this week is not the obvious treachery of our “leader.” Instead, I want to draw your attention to the Communists’ use of language to pervert our understanding of the world around us. As I said, this was no milquetoast ‘withdrawal,’ it was a surrender. But Team Hidey/Hoe calls it a ‘withdrawal’ to hide their own criminal actions. The surrender in Afghanistan (not ‘of’ Afghanistan) is as much a ‘withdrawal’ as the Wu-Flu injection is a ‘vaccine.’ It is NOT a vaccine by any definition. And to avoid getting lost in the scientific minutia of what is actually in the shot and what the shot is actually meant to do, I call it only an injection.

“Did you get vaccinated?”

“Are you asking if I received the injection? Yeah, that’s a hard no, sweetheart. But thanks for caring so much to ask.”

I am asking all Patriots to summarily stop aiding and abetting our own destruction through the Communists’ perversion of language. It is not a vaccine, so stop buying into their premise. As best as we can tell, all it is in an injection. Any description further from that invites speculation (if you ignore the mounting death toll of recent victims patients, that is…).

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